Coaching For Wellbeing

A drop of calm in an ocean of emotion

My unique speciality is the combination of relaxing or energising Massage with Relationship or Chronic illness coaching. Calming our emotions is pivitol; add Mindfulness and you have a powerful combination.
WHY did I say that? I really regret saying that. WHY does this person irritate me even though I know I love them? Am I in the right relationship for me? Can you help me if I decide to leave?
WHY does my body hurt me? I would love to understand more about my body and why this is happening to me. HOW is the medication I’ve been prescribed helping me? Are there other ways I can help myself? I’ve heard about positive thinking and Mindfulness but HOW exactly will this help me?
I have been helping people for 27 years keep their body comfortable and strong using my BSc on Physiology and Biochemistry knowledge to explain how the body and mind works to my clients and they go home and help themselves.

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